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Copying Photos - How and What

How to copy?

Copying any photo is easy. Simply place the cursor over the photo, right click the mouse, and choose "Save picture as" from the dropdown menu and save it where you want on your local computer. You can change the name of the photo, but make sure the file extension remains as ".jpg" (or .jpeg). You can then up load the photo to your own website using your normal website management tools. Please do not link directly to the photo on my site as I may remove/move any photo at short notice it also "steals" bandwidth from my site and is not good practice.

Any conditions you need to fulfill?

The only thing I ask in return for copying my photos is that you credit me with taking the photo (as I am just an enthusiast it does my ego good). What I expect is to see "Photo by Alan Cowzer", and a link to, both on the same page as the photo and close to the photo. If you are copying a few photos for a single webpage then one credit and link will do for all photos. As a webmaster I know that trying to layout a special page (or first page) on a website sometimes does not suit having comments/credits close to photos, so if you want to do something different please contact me by e-mail at the address on the right and we"ll easily come to an arrangement. It is a bit irritating to come across a website using my photos where there is no credit for the photos and maybe just a link to this site on their links page.

If the photographer is other than Alan Cowzer then I would expect that photographer to be creditted with the photo.

Better quality photos?

The originals of the photos on the website are usually 3072x2048 pixels (6 mega pixels) but have been reduced in size to 780x780 (max) and the quality has also been reduced by compression techniques to enable faster downloading to internet surfers. I can, on request, provide higher quality up to and including the original photo for special purposes. If you want a better quality photo, let me know the photo number (usually displayed centrally over the photo) and the purpose for which it is needed. If you intend printing it in a magazine, the printer will be able to give you the specifications that he will require. The sort of info needed is : purpose of photo (that way I can estimate the quality and size of photo), the size of print being made from the photo (if it is to be printed), and as I would intend sending it by e-mail I would also like to know if you have a broadband connection as large picture files over dial-up lines is not a good idea. The original photos are suitable for printing larger than A4 size (that is 8x11 inches) and I think they can be printed up to A3 size although I have never tried that.

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