Just an old guy restoring an old bike to cycle on old roads

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13.2: My L'eroica Experience(not yet completed)

This page may not get completed until 2016. My initial intention was to go for 2015 (and my bike is now ready so 2015 is very feasable) BUT....you know kids.....anyway my son and fiancee are planning on getting married in early October 2015 - and I couldn't persuade them to do it in Italy :) - so I'll be busy here at home just when L'eroica is taking place. Roll on 2016....

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I am happy to respond to queries about the restoration, why I did what I did, to provide further detail or explanation, or to suggest solutions to similiar problems.
For any query which may be of help to others, I will also add a synopsis into the appropriate webpage so that it can be shared