Selection of photos of the Singleton Wedding (Graham & Lorna)

Photos from the various cameras

Cowzer Family Camera

These photos may have a bias towards the Cowzer family as the camera was situated at the Cowzer table

Disposable Cameras

These photos, mainly of guests, were taken by our guests using the disposable cameras on each table (a few other photos have been included)

Silver Image Photography

This is a link to the official photographer's site with over 600 photos. Select "View Recent Events" and you will find Lorna & Graham's Wedding on 9/09/2006
It is not currently password protected, but if you find it is, contact me by e-mail below and I'll provide the password

Photos by Kate Sheehan

This is a link to Kate's personal photo library on Yahoo

If you have any photos from the wedding and can get them to me, either on memory card, CDROM, or even as prints, I will put them up on the site. Drop an email to Alan giving me your phone number and we'll discuss.

Keep an eye on this site as I'll add a link to the official photographer's website and photos of the wedding, and I'll add up any photos I receive as I receive them

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