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Summary of Richard Cowzer 1877
Long Name : Major Richard John Cowzer MC
Born : 1877
Married : 1904
Died : 1944
Partner :
- Name : Bertha Watson 1879
- Born : 1879
- Died : 1965

Additional Details
Major Richard John Cowzer MC, had a very interesting life. Stockbroker, Gun Runner, and a Military Cross. Born in 1877 in Tyrone, Favour Royale Demesne, Richard moved to Belfast and was a successful Stock Broker, a partner in one of Belfast's leading firms, and at one time, Chairman of the Belfast Stock Exchange. He was a financial advisor to many businessmen in Belfast. He was a determined Unionist, member of the Ulster Volunteer Force who actively assisted the gun running activities when the Unionists, under Edward Carson (later Lord Carson) took up arms to defend Ulster's Union with Britain. Upon outbreak of the First World War, Richard joind the army with the rank of Captain in the Royal Army Service Corps, in the Ulster Division, and saw action in the battlefields where he was awarded the Military Cross in 1917, and promoted to Major later that same year. After the war, Richard was discharged from the army, but he was allowed to retain his rank and title.
A brief history of the Gun Running Ship the Mountjoy II :
Sold 1914 to Hugh Crawford,Glasgow Accuired in April by Major Frederick Crawford at Glasgow on behalf of the UVF she was briefly renamed MOUNTJOY II, and on the night of the 24th April, 1914 she rendezvoused with the coaster FANNY at sea and while the two ships steamed along lashed togather one showing a port light and the other a starboard light a cargo of rifles and ammunition was transferred to the MOUNTJOY II, to be unloaded at Larne and Bangor later that night.. I'm unsure what became of her after that, but in August of that year she was seized in Hamburg. In April 1916 she is recorded as a German Army Transport. Jan. 1919 she was returned and bought by Richard J. Cowser, Glasgow. Sold 1920 to Norman Canning, Glasgow and registered at Larne. It would appear that Richard bought the boat after the war, for whatever reason, then sold it on.
  • Gun running ship the Clyde Valley, renamed Mountjoy II for the mission
  • The relevant page of the regiments war journal when Richard was awarded the Military Cross

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