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Parental Line

There is no current knowledge about generations prior to this one

Summary of John Cowzer 1813
Born : 1813
Married : 14 January, 1836
Died : 01 May, 1878
Location : Dublin; Millicent Demesne, Co. Kildare (from 1852)
Partner :
- Name : Anne Watts 1815
- Born : 1815 est
- Died : 24 June, 1890
Additional Notes :
Anne is aometimes referred to as Anna

Additional Details
This is the furthest we can go back in time at present, so he represents the patriarch of the family. Protestant - presumably Church of Ireland. He is variously described as Steward, Land Steward, Coachman, Servant, Labourer, in civil records. His surname is written as Cowser, Cowsar, Cowzer in different records - not written by him but the official. His wedding to Anne, in January 1836, was in the Church of St. George Dublin City (abt 1 mile north of city centre), both he and his wife are identified as residents of the parish. His first child, Harriet born/baptised in October 1836, was in the Church of St. Werburgh, right beside Dublin Castle, and he was then most likely a resident of that parish. Incidentally that parish was right among the Huguenot settlement and a centre of the lace and weaving industry. So, we know John lived in Dublin in 1836. We cannot track him until his daughter Mary (Jane) born in 1852 has recorded her place of birth as Kildare (presumably Millicent Demesne) in the 1911 Census.
On his son's wedding record (1875) he is recorded as being a "Land Steward" , and on his own death record he is recorded as a "Coachman". Both of these are high ranking servant categories, in fact a Land Steward would be considered a professional rather than a servant, and would be entrusted to manage all affairs of the Estate or Demesne. They were both very well paid jobs. As he was protestant and well paid, and of a professional class, it would be reasonable to think that he did not suffer greatly through any of the difficulties of the 19th century and that his views were probably unionist as opposed to republican. Also, his children would be of the same philosophy. Together with his wife Anne (Watts), he had 9 children, two of whom died young. John and Anne are buried in St. Michael & All Angels Church, Sallins, Co. Kildare. This church is about half a mile up the road from the present entrance to MIllicent House.
This is an extract from the Clane Union of Parishes website :
Brief History of St Michael & All Angels
Thomas Cooke Trench came to live in Millicent House and Demesne in 1876. The Church of Ireland church of the area was that of the Abbey in Clane whose roof had come into disrepair during the 1798 rebellion. In 1881 the vestry passed a resolution to build a new church following a proposal by Thomas Cooke Trench that he would donate the land and most of the cost for the build and interiors if they accepted the plans he drew up. The vestry unanimously agreed and construction on the site of St Michael and All Angels began on the same day, 20th June 1881. The church was consecrated on Michaelmas day 29th September 1883 by Bishop Richard Chevenix Trench, Archbishop of Dublin and cousin of Thomas Cooke Trench. The stained glass windows on the north side of the church reflect the Old Testament while those on the south reflect the New Testament. The east and west walls are specialised metal artwork knows as cloisonne. There is no repetition of carving in the church - there are 75 carved stone capitals, 84 bosses, corbels and finials and no two are alike.

It is interesting to note that the building of the church would appear to have commenced after John had died.
  • John & Anne Marriage Record - January 1836, Church of St. George Dublin City
  • Closeup of headstone inscription
  • Where the headstone is within church grounds
  • Another view of the headstone location
  • View of the church through the gate
  • Another view of the church and gate from roadside
  • The church sign - still in regular use
  • A faithful reproduction of the headstone inscription

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