Photos from 2021

This is a selection of photos taken exclusively in my local park, Tymon Park which straddles the Templeogue, Tallaght, Walkinstown districts of South Dublin. Inspired by a Facebook Group focused on this park, and the photos being presented on it, and during Covid-19 Lockdowns, I took out my camera and 300m telephoto lens on my daily walks (I subsequently invested in a 600m lens) and revived, my not exactly dormant interest, in bird watching and started taking photos. Tymon Park is an urban park, but not a manicured one, so it offers a variety of environments and has a terrific variety of birds, wildlife, wild flowers etc. I have used this park as a training ground for running for many years, and have continued to walk there almost daily. During Covid lockdowns, for a time, it was the only piece of greenspace that was within the distance I was permitted to be from home. What an interesting, and informative, place it has turned out to be.

The photos below are in chronological order, so hopefully the quality improves as you move through the sequence. The first photo was taken on 16th February 2021, as that is the date I first took my camera into Tymon Park with intent.

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This page will be updated with more photos periodically during 2021. Then I will switch to another new page for 2022.

I have no issue with people taking these photos for their own, non-commercial, use. If using them on the internet, a credit to me beside the photo and/or a link to this webpage would be appreciated. The images here are not high quality/resolution versions, they have been reduced in quality & size for internet efficiency, and some have also been cropped. However, for many of them I have much higher quality versions, and larger sizes and I am happy to provide them at no charge if you have a requirement. Contact me as detailed below if you have a request - the email contact route will probably get a faster response than the Facebook contact.

End Photos from 2021

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