Photos from 2022

This is a selection of photos taken mostly in my local park, Tymon Park which straddles the Templeogue, Tallaght, Walkinstown districts of South Dublin, this year also includes quite a few from my local river, the River Dodder, some from Killarney National Park (a staycation favourite spot), and a few from Howth, Bull Island, and Rogerstown Estuary where I have made occasional visits. Following on from last year 2021, when the Covid-19 Pandemic and enforced lockdowns inspired me to take up bird/wildlife photography in Tymon Park and in the process upgrade some of my equipment (notably the purchase of a super zoom telephoto lens), during 2022 I upgraded my camera to a Canon EOS 90D (real top of the range), started shooting in RAW format (like real photographers) and even purchased some denoise and sharpening software which has managed to make my photos pop a bit.

The photos below are in chronological order, so hopefully the quality improves as you move through the sequence. The new camera was introduced in mid February, and shooting in RAW followed about the end of March, and the magic software was purchased in September - I've not identified the dates/locations on the photos, but hopefully you'll be able to determine a rough idea of the approximate month for each shot.I have also applied a small watermark to each - vanity really

This year I have experimented a little, especially with my 2nd batch of Kingfisher photos (these are from the Dodder) where I have edited some for background colour effects, so there are a few variations of the same photo. Incidentally, the first batch of Kingfisher photos were taken in Tymon Park - it has been a good year for Kingfishers and about 20 years since I last saw one.

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I have no issue with people taking these photos for their own, non-commercial, use. If using them on the internet, a credit to me beside the photo and/or a link to this webpage would be appreciated. The images here are not high quality/resolution versions, they have been reduced in quality & size for internet efficiency, and some have also been cropped. However, for many of them I have much higher quality versions, and larger sizes and I am happy to provide them at no charge if you have a requirement. Contact me as detailed below if you have a request - the email contact route will probably get a faster response than the Facebook contact.

End Photos from 2022

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