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Parental Line

Summary of Thomas Cowzer 1859
Born : 1859 Millicent Demesne, Sallins, Co. Kildare
Married : 11 August 1879, St Stephens Church Dublin
Died : 01 January 1918 Dublin - 28 Gordon St, Ringsend.
Partner :
- Name : Catherine Quinn 1862
- Born : 1862 abt
- Died : 04 February 1937 Dublin - 28 Gordon St, Ringsend.
Additional Notes :
Catherine seems to have had a few names recorded for whatever reason. Including Kathleen, Quinn & Delaney, and others

Additional Details
I would like to think that I knew a lot more about Thomas and Catherine, as they are my great-grand parents, but my information is very sparse and largely anecdotal.
First Thomas, protestant and in working class Dublin, was probably an unusual person. Very distinctive with his bowler hat which he always wore. He was not of good health, apparently chesty (asthmatic?) and died relatively young. He was a carpenter, but rather a higher qualified version, being listed as a joiner, although my father said he was a cabinet maker (higher again). He built the staircase for Queen Victoria to descend from the ship that brought her to Ireland, a gangway being considered unfitting for a queen. Or was it a model of the staircase for the technical college where he taught carpentry? Having married a catholic girl, he would have to have commited to the catholic church that he would allow his children to be brought up in the catholic faith. However, that may have proven difficult to accept as apparently Catherine, having baptised the children as roman catholic, then had to hide from him for a period. Even sleeping out under a canal bridge for some nights as family lore would have it. As an opposite view, he in later life became very good friends with the local catholic parish priest who as a result visited him regularly in his home.
Catherine is rather interesting, a daughter of a policeman of the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) which may have been an odd position for a catholic, outliving her husband by a considerable time and consequently being better remembered. She is described as being a "lady", a strong women, she was a local midwife, she dressed/cleaned dead people, she was literate and wrote letters for people. She also went under the names of Catherine, Kathleen, Kate, and more strangely under the maiden name of both Quinn and Delaney (Quinn being her official maiden name).
  • Catherine, probably outside 28 Gordon Street.
  • Thomas & Catherine Portrait - Perhaps a wedding portrait?

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