Section 7: Component Gathering & Sourcing

There were lots of pragmatic decisions made here.

As stated in "5: Principles of my restoration", I had intended using as many Campagnolo components as possible. The requirements/fit of my chosen bottom bracket solution started the shift from this principle, then the price of Campag bits on eBay finally put paid to this principle completely. I did manage some French components (another principle that I started with). And along the way I liked the look of Shimano's 600 Arabesque parts so focussed on those a bit. I also stuck with some other Shimano 600 as it was period correct and looked good. For a while I attempted to purchase a complete groupset from eBay, but these usually spiralled up in cost at the auction ending minutes/seconds, also in the groupsets there always seemed to be a few components which were poor (scruffy, rusty etc), so if the crankset was beautiful, the brake callipers might be showing some rust on the bolts, and vice versa. Thereafter I bought components individually, even though this increased the overall total postage cost (a not insignificant cost), but it allowed me to focus on good, clean, components.

Bought from UK supplier :

  • Bottom Bracket : New Velo Orange Grand Cru Threadless 115mm (comes in JIS fit only which forced me along a non-Campagnolo route for the chainset).

Bought from eBay

  • Chainset : Shimano 600 Arabesque (from 1980 & 1979 stamped on each crank) with 52/42 chainrings.
  • Brakeset : Shimano 600 Arabesque (from 1978 to 1984 period). The callipers were long reach, max 57mm, and attached with a nut - not recessed allen key.
  • Wheelset : Shimano 600 Tricolore (from 1988 to 1992 period). Hub Front : HB-6400 with 100mm spacing; Hub Rear : FH-6401 with 126mm spacing and 7 speed Uniglide/Hyperglide compatible. Both rims are Mavic MA2. These fitted my period requirements, but as mine are HG compatible, I suspect they were built towards the end of the 1988-1992 period.
  • Gear Levers : Simplex (French and from 1980s) SLJ Retro Friction.
  • Handlebars : Cinelli 66-42 "Campione del Mondo".
  • Seat Post : Simplex SLJ-6164 (French) 26.4 diameter.

Bought locally (

  • Front Mech/Derailleur : Shimano 105 7 speed (FD-1055, also stamped PC indicating March 1991 manufacture). Needed a narrow clamp on fit and this was available. This is not quite period correct, but it fitted, was available, reasonably cheap and actually looks very well on the bike.
  • Rear Mech/Derailleur : Shimano 600 (RD-6207 from 1986 to 1988 period). It is a bit scruffy, but was bought as a temporary solution. However after some sanding and polishing, I am quite happy to stick with it.

Already had in stock (from old bikes or bought new at one time in the past) :

  • Saddle : San Marco "Rolls" (1989) - a birthday present from Ann sometime back in the nineties (had lived on my Alan bike since 1995 and is the only item cannibalised from that bike).
  • Stem : Cinelli 1A (probably 1986/1987) from my old Viking Triomphe bike of the early nineties (it was replaced by a longer stem back in the nineties and remained in my parts bin since that time).
  • Pedals : Campagnolo pedals with toeclips (probably 1986/1987) from my old Viking Triomphe bike - These are Campagnolo 905/000Triomphe Pedals.
  • Tyres : Continental Gatorskins 700x23. These are not even retro style, but I had a "very little worn" set lying around. So I have used them to "get up and running". I may replace them with some retro style, or more likely a set of plain(ish) black Michelin tyres as it being a French bike it probably should have French tyres and not German ones.

Other bits :

  • Cassette : (ChainReactionCycles) New Shimano 8 speed Hyperglide 13-26 with the 14 cog removed to make 7 speed. Fits the hub perfectly and as I'm using friction levers, shifting should be good.
  • Chain : (ChainReactionCycles) New SRAM 8 speed chain (compatible with 7 speed).
  • Handlebar Tape : (ChainReactionCycles) Deda Elementi Mistral - White.
  • All Cables : (Ebay).
  • Brake Lever Hoods : (SJS Cycles) Dia Compe 202/204 hoods (not a great fit on 600 brakes - but good enough).
  • Headset : Top - Campagnolo (not sure what model); Bottom - Stronglight Spidel. Came with the frame and have not opened it. Seems to be functioning ok.

The various components
  • Frame and most of the components
  • The brakeset - Shimano 600 Arabesque (minimum 30 years old)
  • The chainset/crankset - Shimano 600 Arabesque (from 1979 & 1980)
  • The gearlevers - Simplex SLJ Retro Friction (from 1980s)
  • Handlebar Stem (Cinelli 1A pre-1987) and Seatpost (Simplex SLJ from 1980s)
  • Velo Orange Grand Cru Threadless Bottom Bracket - new
  • Front (Shimano 105 - from 1991) and rear (Shimano 600 from 1986-88) derailleurs - bought locally
  • The Shimano 105 front derailleur, although a bit newer than I would like, looks very well on the bike
  • Nice shot of the chainset on the frame - also you can see the ront derailleur
  • Good shot of the rear derailleur - bought very cheaply but looking very scruffy
  • Closeup of the Cinelli 66-42 Campione del Mondo handlebar engraving
  • Really nice view of the Simplex SLJ Retro Friction gear levers
  • The seat post, being French and Simplex brand, is pergect for the bike
  • The bottom half of the headset - Stronglight Spidel also French and came with the frame
  • The top half of the headset - Campagnolo and Italian and came with the frame
  • The stem, the shine on the lower section is where I sanded off the 0.2mm to make it fit into the french standard fork steerer tube
  • A closeup of the chainset, showing the Shimano 600 Arabesque engraving which is a hallmark of the model
  • My San Marco Rolls Saddle that I have had since 1989 - worn but comfortable (sort of). I cleaned it up a bit better after this photo was taken
  • This is the 8 speed cassette that I removed the second cog to make into a 7 speed. Look closely at the teeth arrangement between the first cog and the now second cog and you can see there should be a set between them. Works great with friction shifting though
  • Another shot of the rear derailleur after I sanded and polished the scruffy parts. It looks the part now
  • The Campagnolo Triomphe pedals that I have had stored for years and which I intend to use on the bike

End 7: Component Gathering & Sourcing

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