Section 10: The Finished Product

The photos of the finished product show my CFX-10 with modern clipless pedals. This is transitional. I need clipless to do all my initial road testing, and as it is many years since I cycled with toe-clips, I need to get used to the bike before I switch back. I have included some photos of the clipless pedals (and old shoes) that I will use. Also, the bike tyres are (probably) not those which I will ultimately use. The photos show the Michelin (very worn) tyres which came with the wheels, or the Continental Gatorskins that I put on (as I had a pair lying around). Irish roads demand very puncture resistant tyres so I try to use the best, for this purpose, that I can. I may fit a set of Michelin tyres (or maybe even some retro style tyres) in the future. But I'll do my testing in the Gatorskins and probably all of next years cycling too.

Total weight of the bike (including bottle cage and clipless pedals) is exactly 10.0kg. This compares very well with my modern titanium bike which weighs in at 9.3kg (although it is built for reliability not lightness). I'm not one for pursuing weight reductions in my bikes, I've always been a believer in "it's easier, and a whole lot cheaper, to lose 5kg off your own weight than to lose 1kg off your bike's weight". So pretty pleased that the 35 year old measures up pretty well (it's 60 year owner measures up pretty well too).

Photos of the finished product - some before the handlebar tape was fitted
  • Everything together (except handlebar tape) - with temporary clipless pedals (the planned ones are on the ground in front)
  • The saddle, I have had since new - almost 25 years and its been in continuous use
  • I think the rear mech and new cassette (8 speed converted to 7 speed) all looks well
  • I think the 600 Arabesque chainset looks pretty good, although I suspect the chainrings are not the originals
  • Simplex SLJ shifters and very shiny chrome fork. Michelin tyres as came with the wheels - I replaced these before I took it out on the road for real
  • Cinelli bars and stem - also shows the line of the brake cables (I had to decide which way to route and crossover or not)
  • Made in France
  • Super Competition - Peugeots highest level of bike
  • Brase a la Main - Hand Brazed
  • From the other side
  • Another view of the chrome fork - hard to believe that this is 35 years old and original
  • The proud 60 year old owner - the Peugeot jersey (un maillot peugeot) is a modern replica unfortunately. BTW, I always wear a helmet (in the background)
  • At last - the handlebar tape is fitted. You can also see that the Dia Compe brake hoods are not a great fit for the Shimano 600 levers, but they are very workable
  • You can see the handlebar tape is put on pretty well here - and in the traditional centre to outside pattern
  • All set up and ready to go - even with my saddle bag toolkit

End 10: The Finished Product

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