By: Mal Jones - Rear Brake Dropper

Saw this on a Facebook Cycling Group Page. A simple, no sophisticated tools required, DIY job for making old frames designed for 27 inch wheels, work with 700c wheeels and short reach brake calipers.

Thought about doing this for my CFX-10 (it was designed for 700c brakes, but of the long/medium reach variety, and I really wanted to use short reach brakes). In the end, I decided to go with medium reach and I was glad I did.

But when I was researching my problem, I couldn't find any help with building my own rear brake dropper and when I saw these photos on FB, I thought it would be a good idea to have them permanently on the internet and searchable, so anybody could find them.

I asked Mal Jones, the original designer (and publisher on FB) if I could reproduce them here and he is happy to share.

Follow these photos through in sequence and the caption/comment for each appears at the bottom
  • Cut a 20x20x30cm Solid Block of Aluminium
  • Rough shaping to fit over the brake bridge with a rat tail file
  • Getting closer to fitting the brake bridge
  • Test fit on the bike it will be used on
  • Once I
  • Then run through with with the 6mm drill
  • The drilled out to the correct diameter
  • Ignore the blue dot bit - the is the bottom of the mount (it was cut from a lump that had a hole drilled in it). The shaping is well underway, with the step to house the brake mech
  • More filing, getting closer
  • Once the basic shape is there a start is made on the angles
  • Very close now, but still plenty of filing
  • You can get an idea of how it
  • Shaping starts on the top - just to make it all a bit smoother in profile
  • More filing, but closer
  • Very close now, almost ready for wet & dry
  • The underside before sanding
  • Final shape, just tidying up here
  • A test fit on the brake to be used. As these are made very tight, a little bit of the brake bolt closest to the mount has to have a little taken off the top to allow the mech to sit flat
  • Mounted on the bike. I ended up putting a washer between the brake and mount to provide a fraction more space (didn
  • Using a recessed brake meant drilling out the brake mount hole to allow the larger diameter fixing piece to go through. It was the last step before mounting the brake to the bike

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